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To update your account password, head over to the Member Dashboard and click on the button under “Access my Account.” (Or just click THIS LINK)

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “change password” link.

Watch THIS VIDEO for further instructions. 

If you’re unable to log in, the first step is to use the “forgot password” link at the bottom of the login screen. This will email you a link you can use to reset your password. 

If you’ve forgotten your username or are having additional problems, please contact us and we’ll help you resolve the issue. 

To log out of the Member Dashboard, head over to the Account Page, then click the “logout” button. 

Watch THIS VIDEO for more information. 

Your Member Profile is what others will see when they visit the Member Directory. To make changes, go to the Account page and update your information. Be sure to click “save profile” after your edits have been made. 

Watch THIS VIDEO for more information.

To make changes to your Discover Bradenton business listing or event listing, you’ll need to head over to, then log in and click on your “profile” tab. 

This video provides detailed instructions. 

Although we’ll be really sad to see you go, you can cancel or downgrade your membership at any time by following this process:

1) Complete our Cancellation Request Form
2) You must complete your cancellation request a minimum of 72 hours before your next payment is processed. This is important to avoid automatic renewal.

3) You’re more than welcome to re-join your membership at any time. However, if there has been a price change, you will have to re-join at the current rate. 

4) Your membership access will remain active until the end of your current billing period. After that, your access to all programs and resources, your saved progress, and all your content will be removed. 

Access to our free Member Vault and all of the resources inside are exclusively for current Discover Bradenton memberships.

However, if you decide that a Discover Bradenton business account isn’t right for you, you will have the option of joining our Marketing Success Academy.

This includes access to all of the materials inside the Member Vault as well as our full “Zero to Profit” marketing roadmap and additional training and courses. When it launches, the cost will be $50 per month. You can sign up for our waitlist now.

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