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Not Posting to Your Google Business Profile? 6 Reasons Why This is a Huge Mistake!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of creating and optimizing your Google Business Profile. This is one of the best ways to improve your local search engine rankings, build trust with current and potential customers, and outperform your competitors.

Posting consistently is one of the top tips for getting the most out of your Google Business Profile. But if you’re like many business owners, you’ve likely found yourself asking, “Will Google Business posts really help my business?”

The answer is yes! Here’s a look at the top six benefits you’ll enjoy when you start consistently posting to your Google Business Profile.

1. Create a buzz for your business

Any time you have something new and exciting to share, you should post it to your GBP. This keeps all of your most important news front-and-center and ensures everyone who comes across your business profile will know exactly what you’ve been up to.

2. Take advantage of free ad space

For many business owners, one of the best things about Google Business Profile is that it’s FREE! While paid advertising certainly has its place, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a hugely popular platform when it doesn’t cost you a dime?

Any time you have a new special, promo, or campaign that you want to share with potential customers, make sure you share it to your GBP. Just remember that your posts will perform better if you include well-written content, eye-catching images, and a call-to-action.

3. Stand out from the competition

While many business owners create and occasionally update their Google Business Profiles, very few take full advantage of all the features – including regularly posting. If you commit to a consistent schedule, it becomes easy to outshine your competitors.

4. Improve your search rankings

When you’re consistently posting to your Google Business Profile, it’s more likely to get discovered and viewers are more likely to engage. While a single post on its own won’t boost your rankings, a well-optimized profile that is frequently getting new reviews, traffic, and engagement will rank higher.

5. Create rich snippets  

Write your posts with user-friendly, keyword-filled content and Google is likely to reward you. Using optimized, SEO-friendly text in your posts increases the chances that you’ll benefit from “rich snippets.” These are essentially enhanced search results that give users a quick summary of information at a glance.

While rich snippets used to primarily come from websites, Google is now pulling them from GBP posts as well. Regular GBP posts expire after seven days, but if Google pulls a snippet from your post, its lifespan will last well beyond that.

6. Enjoy higher click-through rates

Last, but certainly not least, your posts can do a great job of driving traffic back to your website or landing page. As long as you’re providing relevant and interesting information, there’s a good chance that readers will want to click through to learn more. This can help move potential customers through your sales funnel and improve your website’s search rankings.

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