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Why do search rankings matter?

Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Website

People are online actively searching for solutions to problems they have RIGHT NOW! If your business ranks on the first page or search results, you can drive that targeted traffic to your site.

Funnel Qualified Leads To Your Sales Department

A successful sales strategy requires you to get in front of your ideal target audience at the time when they need your solutions. Our SEO experts will increase your businesses visibility!

Trust and Authority Over Your Competition

When you reach the top of the search results for the right keywords and phrases, potential customers will see you as the industry authority and the best option to solve their problem .

We Can Take Care Of It All For You

When you work with Discover Bradenton Marketing, you can count on our team of experts to take a multi-channel approach that will give your business maximum exposure.

We also provide ongoing analytics to track and test our strategies and keep you competitive in your industry. We’ll continually educate you about what we’re doing so you’re knowledgeable about your company’s results.

What does our SEO package include? 

What does our full-service seo package include?

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A personalized step-by-step instruction platform for SEO, built for small businesses that are short on time. 

Our technology enables anyone in your business to drive your website up the Google rankings. The monthly prioritized list of actions will tell you exactly what to do to climb the Google organic search results in whatever time you have available.

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